A new waterfront destination for Hoi An

09.2020 Tam Ky: enCity recently presented our masterplan for a waterfront community in Cam Thanh, Hoian to the leaders of Quang Nam province. This will be the largest land development project in the heritage town of Hoian, near the town’s protected nipa palm forest. It is also a project that is close to our hearts, as it was the first contract enCity was awarded at our inception. Over the past two years, enCity team has worked closely with the developer Dat Phuong and local government to transform the site with sensitivity to the local landscape and cultural heritage.

Photos of the surrounding context by enCity team

The development will be a waterfront destination for both tourists and the local community, with nightlife and lifestyle attractions. The architecture has been carefully crafted by Vo Trong Nghia architects to reflect the heritage character of Hoi An, while bringing nature and greenery into the community. At the heart of the site, a waterfront plaza creates a vibrant public centre and frames views to the nipa palm forest. The masterplan proposal ensures that the nipa palm forest is fully conserved and even expanded into the residential areas of the site. The location of the site, on former aquaculture land, will also reduce development pressure on farmland and forests in the surrounding Cam Thanh district.

We are excited that the plan is well received by the provincial government and look forward to the next step of project implementation.