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An award-winning consulting firm

Our projects have been recognized by the most prestigious institutions in the industry

Award_North Da Lat

An award-winning consulting firm

Our projects have been recognized by the most prestigious institutions in the industry

Năm 2019

Recognized by Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards

Năm 2020

First Prize in Ho Chi Minh City Highly Interactive & Innovative District (HIID) Planning competition. Recognized by Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards

Năm 2021

Awarded “Future Project of the year” in Ashui Awards

Năm 2022

3 awards at Singapore Institute of Planners (SIP) Planning Awards

Năm 2023

Singapore Good Design Award (SG Mark). Singapore Business Review's National Business Award


Plan with Innovation. Share with Passion.

To share global know-how
We create plans that innovate for the future. We are dedicated to research of technologies such as manufacturing and food production. Coupled with our in-house frameworks and models that analyze and predict environmental conditions like hydraulics and urbanization, we have foresight for long-term strategies.

To build with local commitment
Our utmost passion is to improve the state of cities, regions and the quality of residents' life. We build partnerships with governments, clients and community leaders to make great places happen.


Global Knowledge + Local Insights

We apply an integrated planning methodology through our extensive global knowledge and local insights about investment and implementation.

We built up a unique planning methodology and data platform to help investors envision and create livable areas at low economic, social and environmental costs.





Significant development projects across Asia

We are proud of projects planned by our experts that have been successfully implemented in China, South Asia, Middle East, and South East Asia. Our track record of built projects provides us with incomparable experience.

An attractive destination & a regional development catalyst.

A green and integrated industrial township.

A resilient, inclusive & revitalised community

Anchored in cultural traditions, headed towards progress.

From Industrial Relic to Community Rebirth

Empowered by technological innovations and inspired by our local community, to bring local manufacturing to the next frontier.

“As my life pushes forth, my heart will remain. By the water, with the waves; up the mountains, in the plains.” - Nha Trang, by

A talented team of multinational experts from 10 countries

We have profound experience of planners, designers, engineers, technologists and economists. We go beyond blueprints and conventional thinking to search for innovative solutions that address local challenges.