Thu Duc city launches a website for planning information developed by Sasaki-enCity

With an aim to become a pioneering innovative city, Thu Duc City of Vietnam launched a website to inform the public about the city’s planning process and to collect citizens’ input regarding the Thu Duc City Master Plan 2040 with a vision to 2060. It is the first city in Vietnam to use an online citizen engagement tool for a master planning project.

A citizen engagement tool is a platform to incorporate the community’s feedback on urban planning and development ideas. These tools have been applied in several countries to solicit feedback and listen to the voices of citizens on government plans and policies that affect their communities. Recently, Thu Duc City People’s Committee officially introduced a website for information dissemination and public participation to engage its citizens in the decision-making process for the Thu Duc City Master Plan. The website was developed by the consulting consortium, Sasaki-enCity-VIUP, using an innovative digital platform integrated with geographic information systems (GIS) to enable the observation and feedback on local conditions in real-time.

The interface of the website of Thu Duc city master plan

The purpose of the website is to keep people informed about the progress of the master plan, crowd-source community input and for the planning team to acquire a deeper understanding of the aspirations and concerns of local citizens and enterprises. Users can read about the vision for Thu Duc City 2040 Plan, background information of the project, and details about the consultant team working on the master plan. Under the Engagement tab, citizens can gain access to the public geospatial survey where they can create a “personal map” of their own experiences of living, studying, and working in Thu Duc City. With a satellite interface, they can mark their favorite places, cultural and recreational destinations, pedestrian and vehicular routes, community gathering spaces, etc.; along with areas where they want to see improvements in the future. They can also share their ideas and opinions about the future of Thu Duc City in a follow-up form. All answers and personal data will be kept confidential and will be used only for the purpose of improving the master plan.

By collecting and integrating public input, the team of consulting experts can verify and amend the masterplan to ensure that it addresses practical urban problems and creates positive near and long term changes to community life and experience. In the future, the consulting consortium will continue to update the website to sustain interaction and connection with the citizens throughout the planning and development process.

The city engagement tool, where Thu Duc citizens can mark or draw a route for their favorite places in the area

Citizens of Thu Duc City, as well as people living throughout Ho Chi Minh City, can access the civic engagement tool through the People’s Committee of Thu Duc City website in two ways, as illustrated: