Sharing session on community development in the US and Vietnam

On 16 July 2021, enCity was honoured to have Daniel Nguyen Hoai Tien in our Hanoi Office for our Friday sharing session about community participation and development. Born and raised in the United States, Daniel graduated in sustainable development and spent 7 years working in New Orleans with the Gulf Coast community, where he led efforts in post-disaster recovery in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. During the session, he shared his experiences working with the Vietnamese community in Versailles, New Orleans East, who battled against the planned landfills located in their neighborhood. Daniel and his colleagues supported the residents in coming up with a redevelopment plan to enhance the livability of the area and in advocating for community involvement in future planning decisions. He also talked about his work with local farmers and ethnic groups in Vietnam since moving to the country and founding the Sông Cái Distillery in 2018. Among his key company approaches, Daniel makes sure that they employ sustainable practices, such as locating their processing factory near-source materials, directly partnering with farming families and redeveloping forest areas. 

Daniel’s rich insights and passion for community development serve as inspiration for enCity to find ways in planning and designing for places that represent the aspirations of the very people living in them.  

About Song Cai Distillery of Daniel Nguyen: