A talk of the world-renowned landscape artist Andy Cao at enCity office

11.2019: Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) Award-winning landscape artist Andy Cao shared his design process and philosophies with the enCity team in Saigon. Andy’s work, together with his partner Xavier Perrot, is an amalgamation of art and landscape to create dream-like installations that engage the senses. Their flair for combining utilitarian materials, such as fishing lines and chicken wire, with opulent crystals and mother of pearls have earned them projects with Swarovski, Cornerstone Festival and Jewel Changi to name a few.

Garden of the Giant_Swarovski Crystal Worlds, Wattens (Austria). Photo from Cao Perrot Studio website

With most landscape designs being flooded with too much symbolism and meanings, Cao and Perrot’s work celebrate the simplicity of nature’s elements, like the passing of clouds or the shade of trees. However, to recreate such ephemeral structures is where the challenge lies, Andy remarks. In simulating these sensorial encounters, their studio continues to explore with unexpected media to harness their potential in capturing nature’s essence.

Aside from the creative aspect, Andy also imparts his experience in being able to work with communities from different parts of the world. Their hands-on approach involves collaborating with locals and building relationships with them throughout the course of each project. He relays that aside from the sense of accomplishment achieved from the completion of an installation, there is also fulfilment in seeing how the design process has expanded people’s perception of art, generating newfound appreciation for both the craft and their involvement in its creation.

At enCity, we celebrate innovation and new ideas and always seek partnership with leading planners, designers and innovators around the world to create beautiful and life-transforming places. Cao and Perrot’s ethereal designs crafted through meaningful collaborations serve as an inspiration to our office to strive for urban solutions that go beyond the expected and create lasting impacts.

Mây Pha Lê_La Pan Tan, Mu Cang Chai (Vietnam). Photo from Cao Perrot Studio website

More information about Cao Perrot Studio can be viewed on their website: https://www.caoperrotstudio.com/