Sharing session on Soft embankment in Hoi An with Dr Dao Ngo

On 10 September 2021, enCity was honoured to have Dr Dao Ngo speak via Zoom sharing session about her innovative design for green embankments in Hoi An.

A landscape architect, Dr Ngo shared the inspiration for the green embankment and the process of designing, implementation and testing along the riverbank in Triem Tay and Cam Kim, on the outskirts of Hoi An.

Originally hired by UNESCO to consult on development projects in the area, Dr Ngo noticed that the severe erosion along the river bank had resulted in a loss of 30 ha of land over a period of ten years. A concrete embankment planned by the government had never been built, and in the meantime the erosion issue was going untended. To address this, Dr Ngo developed a three layer “soft embankment” system, in which three zones (at the shoreline, on the slope and at the waters edge) are planted with a “pioneer plant” to help anchor the soil, and reinforced with bamboo “biologs”. She shared the challenges and setbacks that the project experienced, as they tested different plant species and designs, and also shared that the final successful embankment had become a hotspot for local wildlife, with increased numbers of fish, shrimp, crabs and birds.

Dr Ngo’s passion for ecology was evident in her very informative presentation, and engaged the interest of enCitizens with many questions raised on the design, implementation and challenges of the soft embankment concept, resulting in a lively discussion on ways to apply this concept within our work.

Heather Banerd