A step towards becoming a world-class city: A new airport for Hai Phong’s sustainable growth

Upon studying the general planning of Hai Phong City, enCity’s experts found that it was not possible to expand Cat Bi airport because both ends of its runway were limited by the Lach Tray river and the expressway, posing a challenge for the expansion of the city to the southeast. As a solution, we proposed to move the airport to the fringe of Tien Lang district in order to achieve three major goals: (1) to have enough land area to build a large, modern airport that meets the needs of a city with a projected population of 4.5 million people; (2) to become the southern development anchor along the coastal belt with the Lach Huyen deep-water port cluster at the north and the Trade and Finance Hub at the centre; and (3) to create a land fund for urban development and connection between the existing inner city area and future CBD.

On May 4, 2021, the representative of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam submitted the appraisal report, which included the construction of Tien Lang airport, to the Ministry of Transport and National Airport and Airport Planning Research Council for the period of 2021 – 2030, with a vision to 2050. This significant step brings Hai Phong City closer into achieving its planned vision of becoming an international coastal gateway city for Vietnam.

Hai Phong urban development structure with Tien Lang airport as an anchor along the maritime belt

The planning area of Tien Lang airport in Hai Phong Land Use Plan

Hai Phong general planning exhibition in Ngo Quyen district.