North Da Lat District


The proximity to Dalat city and the Sports and Culture Center is an opportunity for the site to become the sub-center in the region. Its direct views to Langbian Peak as well as the high concentration of civic buildings surrounding the planned Van Kiep lake add to its potential in the future.
However, several challenges lie ahead of the project such as the underused road linking the site to Dalat center. Additionally, the postponement of two educational centers in the most suitable area for the first phase of the project jeopardizes the whole project’s viability. Las but not least, both the existing residents located along the main roads near the site gateway as well as the existing cemetery placed at the hilltop require major upgrade interventions to add to the projects success. 


The lakeside urban heritage – recreating the image of Dalat’s cultural scene by connecting the civic buildings.
The unique landscape destination – continuous natural corridors connecting Van Kiep lake and Langbian view deck.
The eco-communities that blends seamlessly with nature.

Summary of enCity Solution

The first strategy includes adjusting the main road accessing the site and relocating one educational center to a more suitable location.
A further strategy aims to create a system of open spaces pedestrian routes that embrace the existing civic buildings and newly proposed public amenities. An effort is done in generating place-making activities in which the unique characteristics of Dalat city are represented in the site, translating the old values into new paradigms, the existing cultural assets and the new development needs.
Lastly, a system of public spaces supports the development of communites. This in turn strengthens the liveability of the area, supporting the transition from an agricultural based economy to a tourism-related business in which  well-being and natural assets play a crucial role.

Services offered

  • Master Planning
  • Urban Design


  • 2020: Won Ashui Awards for Future Project of the Year category
  • 2021: Special Mention, Excellence in Urban Design, Placemaking and Public Space, Singapore Institute of Planners (SIP) Awards 





Dalat city, Lam Dong province, Vietnam


184 ha


New Urban Community

Urban Redevelopment


Tourism + Placemaking