enCity announced Vice Managing Director of Operations and Research

Ho Chi Minh City

enCity is proud to appoint Dr. Phi Ho (Ho Long Phi), Senior Consultant in charge of Water Resources Management and Climate Adaptation, as the company’s new Vice Managing Director of Operations and Research.

With four decades of experience in research, policy making and management, Dr. Phi brings a wealth of people engagement, operational and R&D strategy expertise to enCity. “I’m extremely excited to have Dr. Phi on board! Ten years ago, we already shared a vision of how innovation- and implementation-driven planning can make positive impacts on society. Now I am honored to work with him again! He is a dynamic and thoughtful leader who genuinely cares about his people and the communities he serves as a professional!” says Dzung Nguyen, Managing Director of enCity.

“I am a change-maker in my whole life, [exploring] new horizons of knowledge and technology to overcome organizational and societal challenges. My multi- and inter-disciplinary background, my experience on people engagement, and my passion for technology are well-matched with enCity’s philosophies: solving urban problems through innovation and building a great working environment. enCity is growing [quickly and diversely] from its core area toward a larger ecosystem of innovation. Therefore, one of my priorities in the next few months is to establish an integrated digital platform to manage our growth more efficiently and sustainably. With our team’s support, I can make it happen,” Dr. Ho Long Phi remarks.

Ms. Trang Vuong, founding Vice Managing Director of enCity, congratulates Dr. Phi Ho on his new role in the company.

Prior to joining enCity, Dr. Phi held executive positions in both academia and government. He was the founding director of the Center of Water Management and Climate Change (WACC) at Ho Chi Minh City National University, Deputy Head of Ho Chi Minh City’s Steering Committee of Flood Control, and a member of the National Advisory Panel on Climate Change. MOTA (Motivation – Ability), a framework he developed as a methodology that complements conventional performance-oriented approaches to assess plan implementation maturity and social adaptability from technical, financial, social, and institutional perspectives, has been adopted by experts in various countries for strategic planning and policy uptaking. Dr. Phi is a frequent speaker at international conferences on flood management and climate resilience. He has been featured in newspapers around the world such as The Economist, The Guardian, and South China Morning Post.

With the appointment of Dr. Phi, Ms. Trang Vuong, enCity’s Vice Managing Director in charge of Vietnam Offices, will focus on the business side of the company while continuing to lead its Strategic Planning Division.
Dr. Ho Long Phi received a PhD in Water Management from the University of Kiel (Germany), a Master in Modelling from the University of Liège (Belgium), and a Bachelor of Science in Hydraulic Engineering from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology.