enCity leader trained Vietnam provincial leaders on planning

10.2019: Ha Noi (Viet Nam) – enCity joins force with Viet Nam Initiative, the most prestigious think tank of Vietnamese scholars worldwide, to provide training and technical support on development strategy and planning methodology to representatives from 63 provinces of Viet Nam. This series is part of a three-year program called Viet Nam Lead, which is organized by Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, a training center for high-ranking officers, and sponsored by USAID.

During Viet Nam Provincial Leaders Forum, namely “Local Development Strategic Planning to 2030 vision toward 2045”, enCity’s Co-founder and Group Managing Director Nguyen Do Dzung lectures on integrated planning methodology in conferences in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City and advise various provinces on building vision and long-term strategies for the next decades. His lectures cover topics from planning process, inter-department engagement to key issues in plan making and implementing illustrated with international and local case studies. The highlight of this program is a large conference to be held on April 2020 when representatives from all provinces will share their success stories on provincial development strategies with support from the Forum’s experts including Mr Nguyen Do Dzung.