enCity New Appointments in January 2022: Office Manager Roles

In 2022, as enCity will actively expand to new markets by opening an office soon in Bandung (Indonesia), we are glad to announce new appointments in January 2022. The new appointed office managers will assist the Board of Directors in overseeing the daily work activities at each office, maintaining operations and ensuring company culture and core values.

1. Hoa Nguyen – Singapore Office Manager

Current Roles: Senior Associate, Policy + Planning; Project Coordinator ; Learning + Development Coordinator

In her year at enCity, Hoa has taken the Singapore office by storm, organising teambuilding events, office celebrations and informal outings while cultivating a strong support system for the team in the Singapore office. She has focused particularly on office health, with regular team runs after work hours, lunchtime HIIT training at F45, and morning Zoom workouts during Covid lockdowns to keep us all mentally and physically fit.

Through this year, the team has developed a really special bond and experienced a lot of growth, individually and together. In her role as Office Manager for the Singapore office, Hoa plans to continue working with the team to create a conducive environment for growth. She believes that a culture of trust and open communication is extremely important, especially for an office as diverse as enCity Singapore, and hopes to provide the space for meaningful conversations and collective reflections on both lackings and successes.

Hoa (wearing red dress) with Singapore Office members

2. Ngoc Dang: Hanoi Office Manager

Current Roles: Senior Associate, Partnerships; Manager of Marketing + Communication

Ngoc has spent her first year at enCity cultivating strong internal communications and company-wide activities to promote connection between offices. This includes enCitinews, Workplace hobby groups, organizing “Enjoy sessions”, “Welcome sessions” for new members, and Chill “Zoom” session as well as Workplace challenges and quizzes to keep everyone engaged during Covid lockdowns. She led the team to organize the company anniversary in June and Christmas parties for the Hanoi office, and also coordinated the Covid-19 vaccination program for Vietnam offices during the peak of the pandemic outbreak in Vietnam.

Ngoc’s approach centers on one core values: Enjoy. This philosophy is built on interdependence, mutual trust, respect and open communication among team members, where everyone enjoys their work and finds enthusiasm in everything they do. One way she strives to cultivate enjoyment in the office is to let every team member join in the office decorations, so that the team will have direct engagement with the shared working place, while another is to continue the “eatCitizens” program, because the team loves eating and teabreaks at 4PM.

Ngoc & Christmas party at Hanoi Office

3. Linh Trinh: Ho Chi Minh City Office Manager

Current Roles: Senior Associate, Planning; Project Coordinator

Linh Trinh is one of the most experienced members of the Ho Chi Minh City office and has a deep connection with all members. She has overseen the refitting of the office after the first Covid lockdown and hosted the first Christmas party in the newly finished office. She has organised outdoor sports activites with the team, including badminton and stand-up paddling in the Saigon river. As the new Office Manager, Linh aims to create an office of trust, care and fairness where everyone can be comfortable with themselves, feel supported and treated equally, and enjoy going to the office everyday.

Linh Trinh (wearing white shirt on the front row) and Ho Chi Minh City Office

4. Doni Iskandar: Bandung Office Manager

Current Roles: Principal, Urban Design + Architecture; Project Coordinator

Doni’s goal is to create an intimate studio environment in the new Bandung office, with a collaborative, design-led approach. He aims to build a vibrant and diverse team that can thrive in an egalitarian work culture based on cumulative thoughts and ideas, and embrace flexible working arrangements. Starting out with a small team, Doni plans to focus on cultivating community connections and building relationships, with events such as a ‘syukuran’, or housewarming held in the new office space within a heritage building in Central Bandung.

Doni (on the left side) with enCitizens in Hanoi in 2018

Congratulations and we hope you can achieve your goals with the new roles!