Trang Vuong

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Oversees the operation of enCity offices in Viet Nam with the expertise of an urban management expert. Builds successful partnerships with clients and consultants. Takes good care of the team. Believes in diversity. Teaches urban planning and policy at Hanoi Architecture University. A greenie Fulbrighter.

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Anchored in cultural traditions, headed towards progress.

From Industrial Relic to Community Rebirth

Empowered by technological innovations and inspired by our local community, to bring local manufacturing to the next frontier.

“As my life pushes forth, my heart will remain. By the water, with the waves; up the mountains, in the plains.” - Nha Trang, by

Project Context Thu Duc City was formed in 2019 through combining 3 districts of Ho Chi Minh City, with the aspiration to become the

Once a prosperous port city, Hoi An is a well-preserved ancient town with a 140-hectare coastal nipa palm forest. enCity’s proposal for the Hoi