If infrastructure is the backbone system to support the function of a city, technology is the catalyst which helps to optimize it. At enCity we leverage on technology to enable infrastructure systems such as water and transport to overcome major challenges. These challenges are the consequence of poor planning and management and worsened by Climate Change as well as the ever-increasing growth of population and economic activities. To tackle these issues, enCity focuses on three critical areas:


  • Transportation: Traffic congestion hinders the competitiveness of cities and compromises the well-being of its citizens. We aim to decrease congestion levels by reducing the number of vehicles on the road while ensuring sufficient mobility capacity as well as attractive travel experiences. Through digital platforms, we can achieve this goal by improving transit accessibility, enabling car-pooling and optimizing parking systems.


  • Water infrastructure: Water is the source of life but it also poses a threat to communities if not managed properly. enCity is looking into advanced regenerative and sustainable solutions to prevent water-related disasters while ensuring a secure and clean water supply for communities. The aim is to transition from the current linear system of resource consumption to a sustainable circular model.


  • Spatial Analysis: Urban and regional planning problems require an initial spatial understanding in order to approach and solve them. At enCity, we tap into Geographic Information System platforms to provide spatial insights for our consulting services (planning and design) and technology solutions in the field of network analysis.



Dzung Do Nguyen, Group Managing Director
Master of City and Regional Planning | Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Pablo Acebillo, Senior Associate, Planning + Transport
Master of Science in Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems | Swiss Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland


Phi Ho, Vice Managing Director, Vietnam
Master of Modelling, Liege University (Belgium) [2001]
Post-grad in Water Management and Landscape Ecolgy, University of Kiel, Germany [1989-1993]
Engineer in Water Management 
Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Viet Nam [1981]