Heritage conservation in urban planning

From enCity’s extensive research of the heritage landscape in Singapore and of conservation best practices globally, we propose 3 fundamental notions to pave the path for urban heritage conservation.

Planning for Post-Covid-19 Cities: Human-centered, Healthy and Sustainable

Since the very early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, cities have been suffering. But from another perspective, it has also been an opportunity to rethink equity and sustainable growth in cities. On 29/10/2021, enCity organized a webinar titled “Cities for People”, where various experts and guests discussed the impacts of the pandemic on our cities, and highlighted major lessons for urban planning, design, and management areas.

Vietnam’s polluted cities are markets for green solution providers

Many urban areas in Vietnam are suffering from pollution caused by urbanization. While the Government and construction industry are looking for solutions to restore the balance of the living environment, sustainable construction solution providers have found a big market in this country.

An eco-friendly urban model: Major challenge for urban planners

Urbanization faces similar problems in water resource protection and air quality, and more broadly, in protection and balancing ecosystems. If planners, investors and urban managers join hands, future cities will be not only greener, cleaner, more livable and more attractive for investment.

World Water Day 2021: Valuing water in our cities

World Water Day (March 22) aims to raise awareness of the global water crisis we face and the need for society to take action. This year’s theme of “Valuing Water” urges us to reflect on the value of water beyond its cost.

enCity presented Hai Phong City Master Plan to the city leaders

n the 10th of September 2019, enCity, on behalf of an international consortium consisting of AECOM, enCity, GMAPS, and VIUP, successfully presented “Hai Phong Master Plan Revision 2035, vision to 2050” to the leaders of Haiphong, the third largest city in Vietnam

Township Development Strategies

As city centers mature over the years, developers start to look out of the city centres for development opportunities. State governments also institute growth corridors and city expansion funds to incentivize private developers, where the development of new townships may unlock land value in the outer regions and provide growth opportunities back to the state.