Nha Trang City Civic Centre

“As my life pushes forth, my heart will remain.
By the water, with the waves; up the mountains, in the plains.”
– Nha Trang, by Sóng Hồng

4 key lessons from Singapore’s success

The remarkable achievements of Singapore are a testament to the dedication and perseverance of its people to overcome the national challenges and go beyond the achieved, the accomplished, the done. Mr. Nguyen Do Dzung, Co-founder and CEO of enCity Urban Solutions, has distilled the four crucial lessons that this Lion City teaches us about urban development as an urban planner with experience in both Vietnam and Singapore.

World Water Day 2023: Accelerating change through water-sensitive urban design

The history of the development of human civilisation has been associated with great rivers, which shows the irreplaceable value of water to urban growth. Today, the challenges of unprecedented floods, droughts, and water pollution caused by urbanisation and climate change have spurred research to utilise non-traditional water resources, including stormwater and wastewater, in coping with […]

North Da Lat District

A lakeside urban heritage which recreates Dalat’s cultural scene by connecting the civic buildings. The unique landscape destination is proposed with continuous natural corridors connecting Van Kiep lake and Langbian view deck. The plan also allows for eco-communities that blends seamlessly with nature.

Case Study: Ecorivers Master Plan*

Set at the confluence of Bac Hung Hai and Thai Binh rivers, Ecorivers Hai Duong is the first eco-urban development within the city – a riverfront eco-urban model for green and healthy living in Hai Duong City.

Riverside Community

The community is envisioned as an attractive leisure destination that redefines the tourism experience of the city and a high quality urban development that surrounds a central eco park with a whole range of amenities.

Case Study: Binh Duong New City*

Binh Duong New City, to the Southeast of Vietnam, now a familiar locus for residents and visitors within and around the region is a modern administrative urban centre that offers local and international high-tech services. Located in the heart of an industrial-service-urban complex, the 1000-hectare Binh Duong New City successfuly became the new administrative centre of the province.

Highland Lakefront Escape

The project proposed a highly livable and green development, with a variety of housing options, which prioritizes connectivity and accessibility while providing affordable and active recreational programmes.

Highland Urban Villages

Our visions focuses on creating a memorable experience: a must go destination with a variety of experiences for the visitor to extend their stay, creating a sense of place: elevating the qualities that make it unique while enhancing local business and regional tourism and harmony: natural splendor and simplicity of living with modern convenience.

Bayfront District Master Plan

The master plan sets out a new framework for the district that brings together tourism activities and commercial amenities along landscape corridors, creating a series of multi-functional, mixed-use lifestyle destinations that showcase the best the city has to offer.