North Da Lat District

A lakeside urban heritage which recreates Dalat’s cultural scene by connecting the civic buildings. The unique landscape destination is proposed with continuous natural corridors connecting Van Kiep lake and Langbian view deck. The plan also allows for eco-communities that blends seamlessly with nature.

Case Study: Hulhumalé*

The Hulhumalé Plan is a strategic move to develop sustainably in Maldives’ vulnerable environment and economy in the face of new global challenges. Professor Heng Chye Kiang is the planning principal of the project and is now a consultant for Hulhumalé Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

Case Study: Ecorivers Master Plan*

Set at the confluence of Bac Hung Hai and Thai Binh rivers, Ecorivers Hai Duong is the first eco-urban development within the city – a riverfront eco-urban model for green and healthy living in Hai Duong City.

Riverside Community

The community is envisioned as an attractive leisure destination that redefines the tourism experience of the city and a high quality urban development that surrounds a central eco park with a whole range of amenities.

Highland Lakefront Escape

The project proposed a highly livable and green development, with a variety of housing options, which prioritizes connectivity and accessibility while providing affordable and active recreational programmes.

Case Study: Suzhou Industrial Park*

The first industrial park project that led by Chinese central government directly and approved as a cooperative development with Singapore, it is designed with dual axes and multiple centers: high-tech industries, modern business and residential districts connected through shared infrastructure, a desirable environment and a common new city center.

Ecopark Master Plan Revision*

Ecopark is a tremendously successful new town development. At the core of its success is one guiding philosophy – engagement of stakeholders, communities and natural assets to create a loving home and a destination of choice.

South Hai Duong Sports City

Through infrastructure improvement and land value enhancement, the area is transformed through holistic urban development with important provincial public buildings, and forms a new and vibrant gateway project of South Hai Duong.