Stars of enCity: Excellent members of 2020 (by popular vote)

Elizelle David, Associate | Planning + Urban Design

“When I met Elizelle in 2019, I was very impressed by this young award-winning architect and urban designer for her deep interest in urban resilience and social equity. Elizelle’s contribution to enCity is then beyond her design talent.  Being a highly responsible and caring team member, she always reaches out to help others to succeed. I am thrilled that her design excellence, dedication and team work spirit are well recognised by enCitizens.  Congratulations, Elizelle, for winning the Employees of the Year Award.” – Dzung Do Nguyen, Group Managing Director


Hai Pham, Principal | Planning + Infrastructure

“Beyond being an excellent colleague and friend, Hai demonstrates in each of our interactions his technical expertise and willingness to help and support. He always gives clear answers and explanations, supported by reliable sources and technical guidelines. Looking forward to continuing working with him in many exciting projects!” – Pablo Acebillo, Senior Associate


Linh Trinh, Senior Associate | Planning

“Coordinating large-scaled, strategic and multi-stakeholder plans, Linh always shows her open-minded to understand and engage people with her empathy but reasonable contributions, that I see as an original and potential leadership. It is rare to find a professional so young and early in career who shows great interest in public policy and can comprehend its power and effectiveness in solving societal problems.” – Dr Ho Long Phi, Vice Managing Director


Ngoc Le, Associate | Urban Design + Landscape Architecture

“Ngoc Le is reliable, creative, and always a joy to work with. She works efficiently and has a great eye for design. It always amazes me how she can bring out the potential of any plan through her beautiful illustrations. Beyond that, she is also a warm-hearted person and does not hesitate to generously share her design knowledge and techniques with others in the office.“ – Elizelle David, Associate


Quan Tran, Senior Associate | Partnerships

“Quan is an excellent colleague who is super responsive, responsible, and resourceful. A team player that always brings positive energy to all the team with all his optimism and senses of humour. What can be better than having a teammate who is also tech-, travel-, cuisine- and fashion-savvy? We are proud that Quan is proactively heading the Partnerships department and successfully building lasting relationships inside and outside the corporate.” – Trang Vuong, Vice Managing Director