Sharing session with Librazzi – “Saigon Port and City”

On Friday, 9 July 2021, enCity had the pleasure of having Librazzi for our sharing session entitled, “Saigon Port and City.” Starting as a river port in the 19th Century, Saigon Port is now recognized as on of the most important economic gateways of Vietnam, accounting for almost two-thirds of the country’s container throughput. Librazzi, a young Vietnamese design consultancy firm, has been exploring urban and architecture possibilities to shape a symbiotic relationship between Saigon Port and the city, which has been fragmented over time. Their study includes an extensive research on the history and significance of the port and in-depth analysis of successful port cities around the world. Despite the many challenges in its revitalisation, their proposal for the port area presents great opportunity to create a vibrant mixed-use district linking existing urban development to the waterfront and breathing new life into Saigon’s historic landmark. 

At enCity, we value meaningful designs rooted in urban heritage and identity, and look forward to Librazzi’s developments on their research and proposal. 

More information about Librazzi and their work can be found through their website: