South Phu Yen



Situated on the southern coast of Tuy Hoa city, the study boundary is not only long and thin, but also is cut in half by a regional highway with heavy traffic, including industrial vehicles.

Tourism wise, the coastline is very steep which is not safe for children and elderly, and the area has not make its name as a strong tourism destination yet.


A destination that celebrate the local characteristics
A city that blends with nature
A peaceful seaside community

Summary of enCity Solution
The most important strategy is the adjudgement of the regional highway formation, leading it to run closer to one side of the boundary –  which is also closer to the nearby industrial areas – to separate the internal and external traffic, and to secure the efficient width for township development on the other side of the highway.

The design dedicates the seaside for open and public spaces, maximizing view to the sea, expanding the beach, distributing landmark architectures along the shore to create a well-designed urban silhouette and attract visitors.

Urban modules are designed to increase flexibility to suit the needs of the local market, to minimize the investment risk, and to increase the adaptability for future requirements.


Services offered

  • Master Planning
  • Urban Design






Phu Yen Province, Vietnam


250 ha




New Urban Community

Strategic Planning