Hai Phong City Master Plan

Hai Phong Masterplan to 2035, Vision to 2050



With an estimated population of 4.5 million in 2050, the third largest city in Viet Nam that is the historic port city of Hai Phong face three major challenges: (1) how to leverage its position to become a leading city, (2) how to become an economic driver for the Northern region as well as the whole country and (3) how to transform the city into an international hub capable of competing with advanced cities in Asia.


A global maritime city, a key coastal economic area and the future gateway of Vietnam.
A production hub that creates economic synergies in different supportive sectors.
A crossroad of rich history, heritage and architecture.
A tourism city that celebrates its rich culture and depth that bring citizen pride.
A city with a resilient eco-system that supports sustainable development.
An intermodal transport hub able to process both passengers and cargo types in a seamless process.

Summary of enCity Solution

enCity is the matchmaker and coordinator forming an international consultant consortium consisting of experts from leading companies: AECOM, enCity, GMAPS and VIUP.

We propose to strategically define development belts including a coastal belt along the new CBD by the Bay for economic growth, and an inland belt for industrial growth, thereby transforming Hai Phong from an industrial port city to a global maritime center and a waterfront service-oriented urban area that attracts talent, entrepreneurs and tourists from around the globe.

Urban settlements along the main rivers provide attractive communities for people to live, work and play. The riverbanks also function as the main public space axis for the new settlements, generating attractive environment for leisure and coastal tide protection.

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Hai Phong city, Vietnam


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