Ecovalley Tuy Hoa


Situated 5km from the city center, 11km to the airport and without a competitive cultural identity around the area, connectivity and attraction to the outside are 2 of the key problems. Within the boundary, the planned east-west road raises the question of how to ensure the consistent connection between the 2 road sides. Based on the context and future land use, this location is not suitable for grand touristic investment but more opt to eco-living and small public amenities, taking advantage of the favorable weather and landscape. The cemetery and industrial areas on the Northwest corner pose as disadvantages, alongside with the issue of waste treatment land in the North; which result in the need to develop park and open spaces next to industrial areas to lessen the bad impression and also increase the residential land inside the site.The site is near the sea, but has no direct or public access to it.


Ecovalley Tuy Hoa shall be an urban landscape signature of Phu Yen where nature flows to your doorstep, and green and cultural destination in the heart of Tuy Hoa.

Summary of enCity Solution

Create more East-West connections: give accessibility to the sea, create open spaces at the end of the roads for public uses

Re-align main East-West road: curve the main East-West axis to slow down the traffic, open up a vibrant commercial street

Ecological park along North-South corridor: taking advantages of natural topography, connect the northern park to the southern future civic center, create green spine to connect communities and civic spaces

Public amenities located in the park: ensure walkable distance, safe and pleasant experience to encourage the users to walk to amenities, especially for children and elderly

Housing attached to the park, lowering toward the sea: maximize the view to the sea, multiple housing choices for diverse income to ensure the critical mass for a livable community

High-rises in harmony with cityscape: create the urban threshold, landmark at the end of the main East-West commercial street to exploit sea tourism

Services offered

  • Master Planning
  • Urban Design




Tuy Hoa, Vietnam


65 ha



Urban Redevelopment