National and local governments are responsible for managing complex issues affecting territory development: providing social amenities to people, supporting economic growth and managing natural resources. Therefore, planning for cities and regions requires much more than a large-scale design of territory.

As a specialised and innovative planning agent, enCity offers a holistic and integrated approach encompassing economic development, climate resiliency, infrastructure investment, land use management and urban design. Our top-notch planning service is delivered by a team of leading planners, architects, economists and former policy makers.

Although we are strategists first, we are also designers and cartographers. We have the capability to translate high-level data-intensive plans into appealing perspectives, maps and presentations to engage communities, attract investors and inspire action.

Our fields of expertise include the following:

Regional and Provincial Planning City Master Planning
Business Park/High-tech Park/Industrial Park Planning Special Economic Zone Planning
City Transportation Master Planning Park and Open Space Planning
Smart City Planning Transit-Oriented Development
Urban Conservation and Redevelopment New Town Planning
Policy Analysis  



Prof. Heng Chye Kiang, Senior Advisor
Former Dean and Lum Chang Chair Professor at the School of Design and Environment (SDE), National University of Singapore
PhD in Urban Planning | University of California Berkeley, USA
Dzung Do Nguyen, CEO
Master of City and Regional Planning | Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Phi Ho, Vice Managing Director, Vietnam
Master of Modelling, Liege University (Belgium) [2001]
Post-grad in Water Management and Landscape Ecolgy, University of Kiel, Germany [1989-1993]
Trang Vuong, Managing Director, Vietnam
Master of Science in Urban Planning | Tufts University, Boston, USA
Master of Arts in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning
Pablo Acebillo, Manager of Masterplanning & Design, Singapore
Master of Science in Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems | Swiss Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland
Hai Pham, Manager of Masterplanning & Design, Vietnam
Master of Infrastructure Engineering | Hanoi Architectural University, Vietnam
Doan Nguyen, Planning Consultant
PhD in Urban and Regional Planning & Design | University of Maryland, USA