Hanoi Future City – Employing technology to increase youth involvement in urban planning

Hanoi Future City – Employing technology to increase youth involvement in urban planning

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Planning has always been a collaborative process, and the best outcome often lies in co-creation across multiple stakeholders to ensure a just outcome. In our mission to have more inclusive planning processes, enCity, in collaboration with Hubmeta and the Youth Union of Hanoi, developed a digital, interactive tool for community engagement to gather ideas for the future of Hanoi.

On this platform, visitors can choose a location that they like, and select an infrastructure that they would like to have in that destination. They can repeat this process for over 20 locations across the city where there is potential for new developments or redevelopments. 

Because the target audience of this platform is the youth, enCity took great care in the design of the experience and interface of the platform, from the style of graphics, to the use of colors and the language of the content. The selection of infrastructure was also carefully curated to be most relevant to the youth. The gamification of the platform made participation engaging and fun, so that moving forward, the public would feel compelled to give their input into the planning process. 

Icons designed by the enCity team to represent infrastructure and spaces that visitors can “drop” into a selected location


With the data collected from almost 100,000 votes, enCity combined these ideas into captivating renders of the most popular locations, incorporating the wishes and desires of young people across the city into a vision of the future.

Results of the 3-week participation process, with renderings of popular sites based on voting

This culminated into a virtual reality (showcase) at Hanoi City Youth Union Congress, as well as an interactive site where viewers can experience the outcome. To honor the heritage and history of the city, the website also showcases key landmarks that are well-loved by the community, paying tribute to the past as we look towards the future.

The Cultural – Innovation Playground, a popular choice for areas near the Red River

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enCity believes that technology and meaningful engagement is the key to an inclusive planning process, as well as outcome. Through public engagement and multidisciplinary collaboration, we can better design and plan future cities that empower generations to come.

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