Design matters. A good design translates an inspiring vision into a beautiful and meaningful reality. 

At enCity, we strive to create good designs through a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach that draws on our cultural roots and international perspective.

A good design should be both timely and timeless. Therefore, we work across scales and disciplines to create memorable places with big community impacts that stand the test of time.

Asia is our environment and our home. Therefore, our design is about giving form to this emerging Asian identity. Our passion and know-how on Asian urbanism, tradition and way of life enable us to create transformative places that are inspiring to people and sensitive to their context.

As our design focuses on uplifting human experiences in the public realm, we serve the needs of many different sectors, from tourism and waterfront regeneration to education and community. Our diverse portfolio ranges from a mountain ecological meditation and cultural retreat, to the revilatization of an old industrial port into a new city playground and multifunctional community destination.

In a more connected world, Asia’s growing population will see a greater need for place-making, identity-building and exemplary designs of the built environment from the urban scale to the landscape and architecture scale. As people aspire to improve their living standards and look for new experiences and opportunities at home and abroad, enCity aims to engage our broad multi-disciplinary design approach in helping to shape these new spaces.

Urban Design Architecture
Landscape Design Infrastructure Design



Prof. Heng Chye Kiang, Senior Advisor
Former Dean and Lum Chang Chair Professor at the School of Design and Environment (SDE), National University of Singapore
PhD in Urban Planning | University of California Berkeley, USA
Phi Ho, Managing Director, Vietnam
Master of Modelling, Liege University (Belgium) [2001]

Post-grad in Water Management and Landscape Ecolgy, University of Kiel, Germany [1989-1993]
Hai Pham, Manager of Masterplanning & Design, Vietnam
Master of Infrastructure Engineering | Hanoi Architectural University, Vietnam



Duong Vuong, Senior Associate, Urban Design + Planning
M.Sc. Architecture of Multi-scale projects
Politecnico di Milano, Piacenza, Italy, 2016


Bachelor of Architecture, Hanoi University of Architecture, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2011