enCity Appointment and Promotion in April 2021

Any type of talents, technical or managerial, or both, equally has promotion path by distinguishing between Professional Ranking & Management Ranking. We are glad to announce new appointments and promotions in April 2021 as below.

World Creativity and Innovation Day 2021: Fostering the Pursuit of Innovation

At enCity, we have had the opportunity to work on ground-breaking projects that present spatial strategies and urban forms that foster this pursuit of innovation. From innovation districts to ecological townships, we share key principles and learnings on how these developments thrive through the planning and design of our the built environment.

Places of Celebration: The foundation of community spirit

As we look back on the recent festive season and look forward to more public gatherings once vaccines are rolled out across the world, we also reflect on enCity’s commitment to building community in the distinctive designs that have transpired.

Ngoc Dang

A reader, learner and storyteller to deliver innovative messages of enCity’s impactful projects.

An eco-friendly urban model: Major challenge for urban planners

Urbanization faces similar problems in water resource protection and air quality, and more broadly, in protection and balancing ecosystems. If planners, investors and urban managers join hands, future cities will be not only greener, cleaner, more livable and more attractive for investment.